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At CWG we offer a wide array of Marketing services: from e-mail marketing, social media marketing & copy writing, to content creation and marketing campaigns; as well as ad graphic, metrics and analytics to help us gauge the success of our campaigns and adjust them to optimize your visibility and success.

Social Media Marketing: CWG is composed of a team of skilled individuals that are well versed in various Social Media platforms, ranging from Facebook and Pinterest, to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & more. We have a true passion for information and curating compelling content that is not only relevant to your business, but to your target audience as well.

E-mail Marketing: As “old-fashioned” as it may seem, email still reigns as king in the marketing world. According to Forbes, “customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last four years and now accounts for almost 7 percent of customer acquisitions.” We make use of various email marketing platforms, including but not limited to Mailchimp + Constant Contact, and have mastered the many ways to create beautiful emails to drive traffic to your site.

Copy Writing: We work hard to ensure that your website is chock full of engaging key words, having years of SEO experience to aid in the ever competitive climb to be the #1 search on today’s major search engines. Our team of experienced writers are experts in crafting the right buzzwords to help increase your online visibility as well as your overall market share.

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CWG-Design established 1999 is based in Long Island, New York.

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